Hacking Outside Of The Computer

Computer security is a very serious business. You always have to worry about the bad guys being able to get into your system. And for the most part people are starting to be on the lookout for that now. But what do you do when the bad guys are not targeting your computer? What do you do when the bad guys are targeting the other electronic devices that are in your home? This is what we are going to talk about in this article. You not only have to watch your computer but your other devices as well.


While we can talk about phones, and they definitely fit under what we are talking about, we are not going to talk about them in this article. Yes, they are vulnerable to a cyber attack just like a computer is but there is already enough attention being paid to them. No we are going to talk about other electronic items that are not being paid attention to.

For example, in the past few years we have seen examples of cyber attacks on medical devices. Some of these cyber attacks happen in the hospital and some of these cyber attacks happen on medical devices that people are wearing on the go. This is a very serious problem. While it is not in crisis mode yet, if we are going to start putting more and more electronics into people then we need to be sure that these devices are safe. They really need to be checked and double checked to make sure that the code in them is secure. It is one thing to have code fail and the bad guys are able to get your money out of the bank. It is another thing to fail and have your life put at risk.

Other devices that we are starting to see being connected more and more are our television sets. We are have HD TV’s which are updated by connecting them to the internet. Now we are starting to see television integrate more with the web by device coming out like Apple TV and the Google version as well. While the security level is not as much as the previous devices that we were talking about, it is still a concern that you should have.

The more that we start to see everyday objects connected to the internet, the more we are going to have to take cyber security even more serious. Now it is getting to the point where lives are on the line.

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  1. I met Don Bailey at Blackhat Europe and his session was on how M2M (machine to machine) systems are becoming more prevalent. Especially when you take into consideration legacy engineered devices that were never intended to be connected online. So things such as cars, medical equipment, GPS navigation systems, 3g security cameras fall under this scope and can become compromised. I couldn’t find a link to his presentation, but there was this article I saw which explains it a bit.


    • Lee Munson says:

      Nice one Javvad – I couldn’t help but smile when they remotely turned the ingnition on in that SUV 🙂

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