Hackers, Sports Stars And Malware

No matter where you live at in the world there is one thing that is common in most places. Everyone loves when their favorite sport season starts. It does not matter if you are a fan of football (American or worldwide), basketball, baseball, cricket or anything in between, each sport has a legion of fans waiting for its returns. In the United States baseball season has just started and the people are raring to go.


Just like anything popular these days, you see a lot of your favorite sports teams on the internet. It does not matter whether it is wallpaper for your desktop or software that keeps you updated on how your team is doing during a game; there is big money on the line when it comes to sports and the internet. But unfortunately the big money does not always come from legitimate parts of the internet. The bad guys know how important sports are to people so they have prepared just as well. They are going to take advantage of how much people love their sports just as much as the team owners are.

And how are they going to do that?

You might be wondering just how the bad guys are going to be able to take advantage of a person’s love of sports. Well it will be easy just like anything else that is popular on the internet. The bad guys are going to bundle malware with some of your favorite internet items and make it look like it is coming from your team. It does not matter what the item is. If they think people are going to click on it and place it on their computer, then they will use it. Even if the item to be downloaded is just news about the person’s team. If they can get you to click on the link and go to a malware ridden site then that is what they are going to do. And you really should not be surprised that stuff like this does happen.

When it comes to your favorite sports team and the internet, you have to make sure that you keep both eyes open. Just because it has your team’s logo on it does not mean that it is official. That’s why anything that you get from the team should be from their official website.

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