Hackers Have Realised That They Can Double Their Profits By Teaming Up

There is a prevailing notion that when people think of cyber criminals they have an image in their head of a lonely nerd sitting in the basement.

This may be true in some cases but in general a hacker can be anyone.

hackers are no longer lonely nerds

There is not a distinct look or set of characteristics that signify that someone will commit crime online.

They are also not the social pariahs that the prime time detective shows would like you to think they are.

Hackers Can Be Sociable Too You Know

They tend to be more social than people realize whether it is online or off.

Sometimes they use this social element to increase the scope of their crimes.

Hackers have come to realize that truly can better than one.

There is a story that is coming out of the UK about a group of hackers that run a couple of botnets.

They have decided to team up so that they can both increase their profit and the scale of their crimes.

One of the groups named Avalanche and the other group named Zeus decided to work together so that would make their workflow more efficient.

Just like any other business on the fortune 500 would do.

Hacking Collaboration

They decided that the two operations interest didn’t compete with one another and so they decided to work together.

This is why you can not stereotype the person who is doing cyber crime anymore.

It is run more like a business than it is just kids out to do mischief.

The online criminals have decided to turn pro and law enforcement is still a step behind.

The malware community also team up by sharing secrets of how to do certain exploits and phising attacks.

They offer already made up kits that are able to be put to use by what is known as script kiddies.

This allows criminals to be able to exploit unsuspecting individuals far more easily.

They have also made code from certain worms and viruses open sourced so that they can learn from one another.

This code is usually a grade of virus that can already be detected by antivirus signatures but allows future criminals to see how they can improve their own skills.

Just like any other good community the older members pass down the knowledge to the younger ones.

some hackers even have girlfriends!

Law enforcement are going to have to get the old image of the lonely nerd at the keyboard out of their heads.

If they hope to catch up to the new generation of criminal hackers they have to realize that the culprit can be anyone.

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