Hackers Don’t Just Attack Inexperienced Users, They Attack The Arrogant Ones Too

There is a very large misconception that happens when people deal with security issues that involve the computer.

Most people believe that it is only the inexperienced computer users that becomes victims of cyber attacks.

They believe that the only attack vectors that hackers use are ones based upon the ignorance of the user.

That is simply not true.

Attacking The Arrogance Of Computer Professionals

Hackers will also use the arrogance of the user against them as well.

This is how they attack computer professionals.

Many professionals start to believe that they know every trick in the book.

They must realize that they don’t and never will, so they should be always be on their guard as well.

Everyday you hear about a major company having some sort of security issue on their system.

Whether it is a firm releasing unsecured credit card numbers, or hackers sitting outside of shopping malls using a man in the middle attack, collecting information.

These large companies are in just as much risk of being attacked as anyone else, maybe even more so.

These companies hire the best in computer security personnel and yet they are still able to have their security breached.

If they can get their systems broken into, then no matter how much computer expertise you have, you can as well.

Sometimes Those With The Most Knowledge Have The Least Sense

There is an attack that has been in the wild recently that goes after the email addresses of workers at several well-known web hosting facilities.

The email that was being sent told the workers that this was a normal system maintenance check and that they would need the employee’s password to get into the FTP server.

A worker that would have the FTP credentials of a server at a web hosting company should be able to spot a scam such as this.

These are the exact workers that fight cyber crime fight everyday, yet some of these email attacks have worked against several of the employees.

Once you are able to get the security credentials of one of the unwittingly naive employee then that is all you need to be able to get into the company’s system.

This proves that if you think your knowledge has grown so much that you are never at risk of being attack, then you will surely be attacked sooner rather than later.

No matter how long you have been working around computers, you must be aware that a security issue can be around the corner where you would least expect it.

It does not pay in the long run to be arrogant enough to think that you know every scam in the book.

The guys out there are good and they will find new and innovative ways to get around your system’s security.

They do it to professionals everyday.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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