Hacked Surveillance System Nets Gambler $33.2m At Crown Casino

A gambling scam at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia had shades of Ocean’s Eleven about it but, alas ladies, neither Brad Pitt nor George Clooney were involved. The scam, which appears to have involved just the gambler and one casino employee, allowed the high roller to walk away with $32m AUS ($33.2m USD). 


The scam was perpetrated over 8 hands of cards played in a short period of time and the gambler was aided by someone who had infiltrated the casino’s surveillance system.

“Someone has been able able to get into the security system remotely and we’re told advise the player about what other cards the other players are holding, and he’s cleaned up to the tune of 32 million. All I had say is the VIP services manager was given his marching orders at the same time Crown officials grabbed this fella from his villa in Crown towers and told him not to come back.”

Personally I think the second half of that quote is quite staggering – they simply told the cheater not to come back? Why on earth was he not arrested??? On a more positive note, Crown seem confident of recouping at least some of the money.

As for how to prevent something like this happening again in the future the answer would at least seem to be very simple indeed – considering the sums of money moving around inside these establishments then why on earth are they not monitoring themselves for unauthorised wireless signals?

photo: Images_of_Money

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