Hack Attack – Solar Sunrise

Back in 1998 two teenagers from California took the American government by surprise when they gained control of around 500 computer systems belonging to both the government and the private sector.

They intruded, and gained control, of  computers belonging to the likes of The Pentagon, Knesset and NASA.


The attack was done with the aid of a computer virus and US government officials initially suspected Iraqi info warriors of performing a cyber attack.

So concerned were the government that they drafted in help from NASA, the US Department of Justice, the CIA and the FBI.

Even the President was briefed on the matter!

However, it was later discovered to that the perpertrators were in fact two American teenagers who used the screen names of Mac and Stimpy.

The operation to catch the attackers was known as ‘Solar Sunrise’ and, after the attacks, the Defense Department took drastic actions to prevent future incidents of this kind.

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