Google Finally Adds Do Not Track To Chrome

Late to the party perhaps but Google’s Chrome web browser will now include support for the Do Not Track privacy setting. This can be found in the latest develop build and will likely be added to the regular release before the end of this year.

Out of all the major browsers Google has moved slowest in implementing Do Not Track, a setting which allows users to opt out of targeted advertising tracking whilst they surf the web. Whilst DNT often splits opinion, it is a significant development as Chrome edges ever closer to becoming the world’s most popular browser.


The main issues with Do Not Track at the moment surround the fact that not everyone has agreed to particpate, i.e. Facebook and others think it goes against the spirit of free choice – for example, Internet Explorer 10 has DNT enabled by default and, for now at least, some will choose to ignore it.

Additionally, Do Not Track may seem to imply that it works on every web site but that isn’t the case – some users may be left with a false sense of privacy. That said, having an anti-tracking standard for all major browsers does represent a good starting point in the growing fight to protect user privacy in a web-based world that would seemingly like us to have none whatsoever.

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