Google Data Mining – An Infographic From ESET

A few weeks ago I was having an interesting email conversation with Jim who was asking many questions about Google’s new privacy policy and how it may affect him. The new policy was something I’d had a quick read of but not thought about too much, guessing I kinda knew what it meant when, in reality, I probably didn’t.

So I searched around the web to find an easy explanation of how all things Google are now tied together. And, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so here is a great infographic (thanks to ESET for letting me republish it) which makes it very clear how Google can now link just about anything you might do online.

Scary isn’t it?

Google privacy infographic courtesy of ESET

Hopefully the above gives you a good indication of what Google might be able to learn about you and how it could possibly affect your online privacy. Also, Jim, I hope the above answers your specific question regarding Feedburner.

Find the original publication by Stephen Cobb on ESET’s blog: Google’s data mining bonanza and your privacy: an infographic

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