Google Boss, The New Digital Age And Chinese Hacking

A new book by Google boss Eric Schmidt, titled The New Digital Age (released in April), gives a detailed look at his views on China and hacking.

Schmidt, along with co-author Jared Cohen, write that,

“(China is) the world’s most active and enthusiastic filterer of information.”

as well as

“the most sophisticated and prolific” hacker of foreign companies.
Corporate Intelligence


This, he says, gives Chinese firms an unfair advantage because US firms are subject to a sense of ‘fair’ play, not to mention far tougher laws.

China has, of course, become synonymous with nation state hacking. Though I believe the nation has probably been associated with more than they are actually guilty of over the last few years they certainly don’t seem to be entirely innocent. In the last week or so they have been accused of hacking The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal. It is believed that such cyber espionage is designed to collect information and control China’s image though the latter has undoubtedly been harmed outside of her own borders.

In The New Digital Age Schmidt goes on to say that he believes Western governments could learn from China by forging stronger links with their technology companies and so therefore gaining the benefits of using software from trusted businesses (I guess he may not be referring to The New York Times using Symantec antivirus at this point!)

photo: Guillaume Paumier

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