Good Computer Security Starts With The Memory Model

If you want to be good at a particular field then you have to really study the heart of it. And when it comes to the computer security field, the heart of it is the heart of the computer and that is the memory model. While the CPU is considered the brains of the system, like we said the memory model is the heart. No matter if you are dealing with network security or reverse engineering, the memory model of the computer is going to come into play in some form. So it will help you a lot if you take the time to discover how it works.

Good Computer Security Starts With The Memory Model

The memory model of a computer is very simple. It is where all of the information is stored before it gets to the CPU of your computer. When people think about the importance of certain parts in the computer they think about the CPU first. And that may be true but your memory is almost just as important. Without either one of these parts, your computer would just not be able to run. And without being able to exploit the memory model of a system, most of the malware that is on the web would not be able to run as well.

The bad guys have to learn the memory model to be able to run an exploit on a machine. This means that have to know about Virtual memory, what systems are big endian and what systems are little endian, and how to count memory blocks. They have to know this because an exploit has to be able to run on a small amount of space so that it is not detected. It would not be much of an attack if the exploit was found because of the size of it. So for it to be effective it has to be able to run on the computer without being noticed. And it is only able to do that by sliding into memory.

If you want to be on equal footing with the bad guys then you are going to have to learn the memory model of a computer as well. While it is more complicated than most people think it is, it is not impossible to learn. And best of all, most of the best information about it is available for free online.

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