GoDaddy: WhoDunnit?

The internet’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy was subjected to a large outage last night, probably arising from a DDoS attack.

GoDaddy attack

The attack didn’t just affect GoDaddy though; it also caused outages for other websites they host as well as sites that have merely registered their domain name through the service. Fortunately it appears that the damage stopped there and no customer data has been breached:

Thus far GoDaddy haven’t given any details as to what exactly happened and so speculation is rife, especially on social networking site Twitter. Earlier a video on YouTube, which has since been removed, appeared to come from hacking group Anonymous. In it they claimed to be responsible for the attack and suggested it was in retaliation for the company’s support of US government proposals “to censor and control the internet” via the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

But sometimes things aren’t as clear as they first seem.

On Twitter someone identifying themself as @AnonymousOwn3r claimed responsibility. According to his short bio on the site he is the security leader of Anonymous. This itself seems somewhat strange as my understanding is that even if Anonymous did have a leader they probably wouldn’t publicise who it was.

Furthermore, later tweets then suggested that the attack wasn’t in fact from the Anonymous collective at all but was, instead, from @AnonymousOwn3r alone:

As for the motive well, who knows? Perhaps it is a protest against SOPA or maybe it could be something else.

For now, opinion on the GoDaddy hack seems to be quite divided based upon various tweets I have read. Some people think its ‘cool’ whilst a roughly equal number of people seem rather miffed that their websites are down and they can’t get on with their business:

What do you think? Are Anonymous/AnonymousOwn3r making a good point about SOPA (or whatever) or are they actually beginning to alienate some of the net folk who may otherwise have supported them?

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