Global Warming, Polar Cities And Danny Bloom

A recent commentator here at Scam Types dot Com, Danny Bloom, has at least two blogs on the subject of global warming.

I also predict that he will have an increasing inventory of kayak vs canoe blogs in the very near future too, but that’s an altogether different story.

An ex-pat American, living in Taiwan, who can often be found selling his book, ‘I’m Just Crazy About Taiwan’, in the night markets, or from his red bicycle, Dan would appear to be quite passionate about the subject.

Polar Cities Resources

If you have no idea what a polar city is then Google and Wikipedia can be your friends.

However, you would be well advised to visit Dan’s page which includes some great illustrations which will allow you to visualise the concept in ways that simple words could never evoke.

Dan also has a text-based resource for those interested in the concept of a Polar City.

With 243 comments, it certainly seems to be an emotive, and somewhat highbrow, talking point.

What is a polar city?

Dan’s blog talks of a time, somewhere in the future, when humankind will need to take long-lasting refuge from a global warming catastrophe.

Polar cities would be the last refuge of mankind. (Such a phrase reminds me of my favourite TV show, Battlestar Galactica, which I personally think is about as factual as the information we are fed about global warming by those in power).

In essence, a polar city would be a self-contained and self-sufficient living space for the survivors of humanity.

Possibly operating via nuclear energy, they would need to be able to support human life for an indeterminable time, until re-population of the world at large would once again be possible.

Dan asks if consideration should be given to such projects NOW?

After all, if a catastrophe occurs at short notice then the raw materials, construction tools, manpower and knowledge required for such retreats may be lost for ever.

What do I think?

I think that Dan raises some good questions.

He is right, I believe, to highlight global warming and the dangers that today’s custodians of the earth are posing to their own descendants.

In terms of surviving a climatic disaster, polar resorts seem like a sensible precaution and viable solution, at least in the short term.

I do wonder, however, just how sustainable such a construct could be if the entire planet was to become inhospitable topside – surely some natural resources would be required in the longer term?

I am of the opinion that global warming is the latest hype in the financial and political markets, designed to cause fear amongst the vast majority of the world’s population, who wouldn’t know how to live in a world that didn’t continually keep them under the whim and illusionary safety of their controlling masters.


Too many people like, or maybe even need, to be told what to do and what to think.

They cannot function unless a leader, government, renowned thinker or preacher spoon-feeds them with simple directions.

Sadly, nor would they want to.

I propose that these people pay ridiculous amounts of taxes to fund ridiculous solutions to problems that don’t really exist.

Long live the sheep… your government needs you.

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