Global Warming And Other Environmental Frauds

In nearly every country of the world I think it would be fair to say that the weather can be quite unpredictable at times.

Unless, of course, you live where I do, in which case you know it’s gonna be cold, windy and rain a lot.

In fact, in the UK this year summer as we know it was almost a non-event with very few days of sunny weather.



Was the poor summer I had due to natural weather patterns or is there something else at play here?

Opinion on the matter seems to be divided with some believing that, after millions of years, mother nature knows what she is doing.

Others are of the opinion that mankind has polluted the world and continues even now to fuel global warming.

(Considering how cold winters have been here recently, I’m not convinced that global warming would be a bad thing).

For those who give global warming some credence there are plenty of papers, news reports and other data available with which to reinforce their pessimistic outlook on the future of our planet.

Prophets of doom talk of the mass extinction of millions of species, rising sea levels and an all round warming of the planet, amongst other things.


Fear is a strange emotion that can make people act in unusual ways as their brains attempt to comprehend the sometimes incomprehensible.

Scammers take advantage of this and have devised a whole host of cons based around global warming and other types of environmental fraud.

In my view one of the biggest cons of the last hundred years is the notion that global warming has been created by humans.

The facts that allegedly support this view are based upon computer models and simulations.

As everyone should already know, a computer’s output is only ever as good as the input it receives.

In this case, data is entered by scientists and academics, people who are receiving huge government grants that they may wish to protect and carry on receiving.

Where are the observable facts?

Where are the comparisons with previous periods in history when the world was warmer?

Why is the fact that the earth has been cooling since 1998 never brought up in serious discussion?


Besides the actual concept of global warming itself being a scam there are other equally sinister yupes of environmental fraud.

such scams target those who wish to make a difference to the planet, people who are often quite passionate about their chosen cause.

Such scams can be delivered to their target in many ways, including emails, websites and surveys.

Often they will appear to entice the victim into making financial contributions when in reality any donations are simply going into the criminal’s own pocket.

Some criminals will steal graphics from websites, or even clone the whole site itself, in order to appear legitimate.

They may even offer what appears to be genuine and unique content in order to attract donations for their fight against global warming, or to save the rain forests or whatever their supposed cause may be.

As with some legitimate charities, it is unlikely you would know exactly what was being done with any donation you made and this fact means you are unlikely to even realise you have become a victim of environmental fraud.

If you are really unfortunate then the scammer may even use your personal information to commit identity theft or credit card fraud too.


What are your views on global warming and other environmental issues?

Do they present a clear and present danger to the world?

Or, is it just a load of scaremongering perpertrated by politicians, scientists and scam artists who all have their own agendas?

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. I would say the action movies made these days are the yucky ones with too much graphics and stuff. I used to love Bruce Lee movies and little bit Jackie Chan and Arnold oh-i-cant-spell-that name

  2. Oh we liked it very much Scam, cute animation. Can understand boys usually don’t like movies like that. My brother still hates movies that are full of love and emotion!!!!

  3. I saw the movie Wall E best anime I have seen so far.It has a message

    • I haven’t seen the film myself but my kids thought it sucked, worst film they’ve ever seen they said.

      It’s certainly true that there are messages to be seen in it’s content, whether the director put them there intentionally or not.

  4. I don’t know enough about the science to argue effectively about this issue. I do know, however, that global warming will not cause the temperatures around the world to rise everywhere. Some places would get hotter and others colder. I read an article one time (which I can’t locate right now) that said that melting of the ice caps would cause a cooling in the gulf stream. The relative warmth of the gulf stream keeps the East Coast of the US and much of Europe fairly mild. A cooling of the stream could cause extreme cold and long winters causing these areas to become uninhabitable while much of the rest of the world lives in extreme heat.

    But say that global warming doesn’t exist – is there anything wrong with increasing people’s awareness of environmental issues, reducing carbon emissions and having clean air and water? Are scientists really trying to scam us so they can continue researching climate change? I’m not so sure.

    And it seems that with everything else con artists will devise scams that play on people’s fears.

    • I quite agree that raising environmental awareness is a good thing, regardless of whether global warming is real or imagined. Definitely can’t argue with that point.

      Are scientists trying to scam us? I say maybe because of the money involved in terms of grants.

      Are politicians pulling the wool over out eyes? Yeah, definitely I think. As for why, I’ll leave you to speculate your own possibilities.

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