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It is hard to imagine that even in this day and age there are still companies that do not take security seriously. The thefts that happen online have been all over the news for years now but there are still some people and businesses out there that think that it will not happen to them. Or they may decide that they want security but will try to do it as cheap as possible. It is one thing if you do not have a lot of money and you have no choice when it comes to how you are going to secure yourself. But it is another thing when you are a big company and you have all of the money that you will ever need and you decide to be relaxed when it comes to security procedures just as long as it saves the company money.


But there is another way that companies really slack off when it comes to security. And that is when they make arbitrary rules that prevent their end users from being as secure as possible. There are some choices that are made just because it is a smart engineering decision to make. And then there are some rules that are made just because the programmer was lazy and they did not want to make the feature work right. And a good reason why that may be is because it made their work a little bit harder.

There is a good example of this going around the internet right now and it has to do with Microsoft. While we can agree that Microsoft is not hurting for cash right now it does not mean that they are doing everything that they can when it comes to security. But we have to make one point right now, when it comes to security Microsoft has gotten better over the years. They have gotten a lot better. Their products were some of the most targeted on the planet when it came to cyber security problems but that image is slowly changing. Now the bad guys are starting to go after other targets because Windows 7 is so good when it comes to security.

But the reason why we brought up Microsoft is not because of their operating system. The reason why we brought up Microsoft is because their Hotmail service. This appears to be an example of lazy programming and something that did not need to happen. When you use the Hotmail service you have been reduced to only being able to use up to sixteen characters for a password. If you know anything about security then you know that these days there are password crackers that can get past 16 characters in a number of days. Maybe even hours. And it does not take a supercomputer to be able to do this. So if you are someone who really cares about security then Microsoft really does put you in a bad spot. Another aspect of this service that is messed up is that if you have an older password that was made before the rule went into effect and it goes past 16 characters and you only have to input the first 16 characters and it will work. That right there is a serious security hazard.

This is really just a case of programmer laziness in my opinion. They figure that not that many people are going to make passwords that long so they do not have to worry about dealing with it. And that seems to mean that they care more about ease of work than they do about security in that case.

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  1. Do you mean You’re right about the password issues but it’s not even CALLED Hotmail anymore.

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