Given The Choice, Choose HTTPS

For most people when they use the web they barely pay attention to what is going on in the address bar at the top of the browser. They either just type in the name of the web site that they want to go to or they use Google to get to the site. Either way, the address bar may have their attention for two seconds at most and then they move on. That should not be the case. The address bar is very important and it is something that you should really pay attention to.

Given The Choice, Choose HTTPS

One reason why you should pay attention to the address bar is because it will eliminate a lot of the problems that you have when it comes to black hat hackers. And this is for two reasons. The first reason why it will eliminate some of the problems that you have with black hat hackers is because you will be able to see the domain that they are actually sending you to. Most people look at the site when they get sent to another domain. But if you actually look at the address bar then you will see that you have been sent to different site altogether. Another reason why you want to look at the address bar is to make sure that you are on the HTTPS version of the site.

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It means that when you visit a web site then you are going on the secure, encrypted version of the site. This means that all communications that are going back and forth from the site will not be able to be read by bad guys doing a man in the middle attack.

Most popular web sites these days are giving you the option of a HTTPS version of their site to go to. Web sites like Google, Facebook, your bank and a few others all offer this service. If you have a choice between the regular version of the site and the HTTPS version of the site then go with the HTTPS version. You will be a lot safer.

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