Giveaway – Win 1 Of 5 Free Licenses For BitDefender Total Security 2013 – Winners

Do you need a new security program? Would you like the one which will, arguably, be the best of the bunch? And would you like it for… FREE !!!?

If so, then this giveaway is just what you have been waiting for.

With all due thanks to Rehman and co at BitDefender I have a total of FIVE free licenses to give to some of you lucky readers.


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Why you WANT BitDefender Total Security 2013


Simple answer: because it is an amazingly good internet security suite.

I’m currently running it through it’s paces on my test PC at the moment (full review coming before the end of this giveaway) and I am mightily impressed.

For those of you who want some more insight into what this program offers then I suggest you read my review of BitDefender’s Internet Security 2013 and then factor in the extra features that this enhanced version offers –

  • Device Anti-Theft
  • BitDefender Safebox
  • Tune-Up

– to the traditional security components of –

  • Antivirus
  • Parental Controls
  • AntiSpyware
  • Firewall

– combined with BitDefender’s –

  • SafePay for more secure online banking
  • AutoPilot for effortless security
  • SafeGo for more protection on social networks –

and many more features besides those.
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The Winners


The giveaway has ended and the winners have now been randomly chosen.

The following 5 people will all be receiving 1 free license for BitDefender Total Security 2013 :
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  • misko
  • ddstar
  • Alex Bartis
  • Mark Trigger Collins
  • Hrvoje


Thanks to everyone who entered, I hope you’ll continue to visit and I wish you better luck for any future giveaways you may enter.

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Benson Sim says:

    I am hoping to win this product because my current internet security software will be expiring soon.

  2. I would like to be one of the winner. This AV is the the best one.

  3. johanDior says:

    I have a bitdefender total security 2012 up to December and would like to WIN this to continue having a solid virus defense.. 🙂

  4. I am bit confuse in choosing which AV is better in preset time.But your post will help me a lot to choose the right AV for me.I would like to definitely use bit defender internet security 2013.Please provide me the download link.

    • Lee Munson says:

      Hi naveed,

      You can get a trial version here (scroll to the bottom of the page). To get a license you need to be successful in the giveaway which you have now entered by commenting here.

  5. Balint Bruno says:

    I’m using BitDefender since 2010 and I didn’t had a problem with it and I will definitely try the new version. Thanks

  6. Runs silently in the background, you don’t have any pop ups asking if you want to do this or that and it is THE best AV around. Long live BD

  7. Go Go for the best Antivirus in the world, which is Romanian like me!

  8. Have been happy user of version 2011. looking forward to be as much as happy with this year’s version too! and thank you Lee for promoting and sharing all the quality software! thank you again … and keep on keeping on !!

  9. bitdefender is the best i need it thanks

  10. I would definitely make good use of this great product. Only problem for me is that it cost nearly 1/3 of my monthly scholarship (in Croatia). So i will keep my finger crossed for this giveaway, my computer deserves the Best!

  11. deepesh says:

    it is the best security suit . I love bitdefender. But i could only afford antivirus+

  12. deepesh says:

    its the best.. i love bitdefender very much. But i could afford only antivirus plus 2012. It will be great if i win this.

  13. I want a powerful security to protect my pc from virus and spywares. I have heard a positive reviews about this product so I want to give it a shot. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. anamals53 says:

    If I didn’t have knolegeable people to give me insite I might never know.

  15. soniclown says:

    Definitely a giveaway to crave for. BitDefender is one of the most well-acclaimed security suites out there. It would be hard not to find someone who wouldn’t love a free copy of such an amazing software. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. whocares222 says:

    Bitdefender tops among its competitor. No doubt about it. I am currently using the trial version and want to extend further for a year. Thank you for providing this giveaway. Hope I win. Best of luck to all.

  17. Aleksandar Gonovski says:

    I need this copy beacuse my PC deserves to be protected by the best protection suite in the world.Bad guys watch out there because I will win this licence and you are not be able to harm my PC.By the way nice giveaway

  18. My current AV expired so I hope to win this great security program & continue to protect my pc. Thanks.

  19. stubbyd says:

    Sounds good to me Lee and I already follow you on Twitter and G+. Off to add bitdefender now 🙂