Giant Skeleton Offers Proof Of Bigfoot After All

Especially for Kim who discovered Bigfoot on ustream –

After recently stating that I do not believe that ‘Bigfoot‘ exists, because there is no physical evidence to support such a claim, I may now have to eat my words after receiving a couple of intriguing emails  –

A recent discovery in the Indian desert may have changed everything.

An archaeological dig in northern India, in what is known as the ‘Empty Quarter’ has unearthed a giant skeleton –

Tablets discovered with the body suggest that the giant may have been created by the god Brahma, meaning the body could be of mythological character Ghatotkacha, a powerful warrior with magical abilities.

Typically, Ghatotkacha is not portrayed as a giant in legends, though linking his abilities with a giant stature could be seen as a logical association.

Here’s the second email I received –

Subject: FW: Legendary skeleton.

Recent exploration activity in the northern region of India uncovered a skeletal remains of a human of phenomenal size.

This region of the Indian desert is called the Empty Quarter.

The exploration team also found tablets with inscriptions that stated that our Gods of Indian mythological yore, Brahma, had created people of phenomenal size the like of which He has not created since.

They were very tall, big, and very powerful, such that they could put their arms around a tree trunk and uproot it.

They were created to bring order among us since we were always fighting with each other.

One of he sons of Bhima of the Pandava brothers is also thought of to have been carrying these genes.

Later these people, who were given all the power turned against all our Gods and transgressed beyond all boundaries set.

As a result they were destroyed by God Shiva.

The Geo Exploration team believes these to be the remains of those people.

Govt of India has secured the whole area and no one is, allowed to enter except the NatGeo personnel.


Despite the association with Indian legend, could this in fact be the first real evidence of the existence of Bigfoot?

After all, many myths and legends in history are spoken about by people of different cultures who will naturally put their own spin and interpretation on events.

For example, the Christian faith speaks of the Nephilim, who Jews have compared to latter-day aborigines, or Anakim, who were said to be giants that had, and will, appear on earth from time to time.

Is it possible that Bigfoot is one of these legendary creatures?


Unfortunately for those of you who want to believe in Bigfoot, the emails above are hoaxes.

The photographs were submitted to a contest that was designed to test participant’s photoshop skills.

For now, at least, the search for a real live Bigfoot or skeleton continues…

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  1. anyhow the photo is excellent. It is perfectly doctored, regardless the hoax

  2. angel nicole says:

    this is really crazy lol so what do you want to look at next jw lol

  3. Trust me the photos are real! I’m quite the photoshop expert and I can’t see any evidence of tampering. Hundreds of photos and discoveries like this have been found but just not publishsized because it completely defunks the theory of human evolution. Where does a 50 foot giant race of people play a part in evolution! simple answer they don’t because we have been fed crap for years to make us believe that life is so so simple. The giants in the photos found are real beings created by the falling angels, sons of god. (genius) Theses were the offspring of angels commonly know as Nephilim, people of ancient days worshiped them as gods because of their godly like qualites but their were evil in all their ways and they were destroyed by the flood but their gene was not wiped out because they will return to try and decieve us again. So don’t get confused with Bigfoot he’s simply not real just a cover story for the real thing just like UFO’s are a cover story for the real thing. The truth is, is that Nephilim (falling angels) will retun earth to reek havioc like they did in days of old. Remember Lot who’s wife was turned into a piller of salt, if not look it up. The place that they came from was a citie so evil that god destroyed it with fire, and guess what it was a citie run by theses giants the offspring of angels. Start looking skyward for strange things are about to happen.

  4. I wish I had searched for Bigfooy earlier as I never realised you had written so much on the subject.

  5. So that’s why you want the Flip … you actually know where the real Bigfoot is and are going to be filming it. Awesome!!!

    • Ha ha. Gonna get a flip for sure, just as soon as I get paid a week on Friday.

      As for Bigfoot, expect more posts next week, plus video clips, though sadly not ones that I will have taken with my new toy.

  6. Thanks! You made my morning.

    But … I was really excited about the proof and the photos are fake 😉 Darn – “I want to believe.”


    • Hi Kim

      Stay tuned… there’s a series on Bigfoot coming up in the not too distant future where I’ll examine the case FOR the existence of this creature.

      There may not be any photos but I can promise you some video clips…

  7. This is an old post, right?

    • Yeah – apologies to you and others who have been following me for a while – I’ve been able to rescue a few of the old posts out of my corrupt database and will mix them in with the new stuff from time to time.

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