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If you own a small or medium sized business then the chances are that not only do you use email but that electronic correspondence is also rather important to you.

In today’s market place the vast majority of businesses have an online presence and use email as a primary means of communication with their suppliers, clients, customers and even internally.

Retaining and preserving the integrity of such email communication may well be critical, and not only in terms of your business’ success.

Why Would My Business Need To Archive Emails?

There are many reasons why your small to medium sized business would need to archive emails.

The most obvious of these is the fact that email has become such a popular means of communication, both for employees who are collaborating on projects, and more so with external customers and suppliers.

In fact, it is highly likely that email may be the only form of correspondence you have with those you do business with.

Where would you be if you suddenly lost all those emails?

Secondly, there is an increasing need to prepare yourself for compliance purposes and eDiscovery, not to mention potential internal disciplinary scenarios.

Using a quality archiving product, such as GFI MailArchiver will allow your business to quickly find required emails and also guarantee that they have not been tampered with.

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Why Would My Business Need GFI MailArchiver?

GFI MailArchiver is an established email archiving solution from a well established and reputable vendor which is already installed in thousands of small to medium sized businesses around the world and there are many reasons why that is so.

Some of the key benefits of using GFI MailArchiver are –

  • the ability to archive all internal and external correspondence
  • a robust solution for dealing with eDiscovery, compliance and other relevant legislation
  • a reduced dependency upon PST files
  • a sizeable reduction in the demands on the Exchange server

What Other Benefits Does GFI MailArchiver Afford?

Obviously there are a huge number of benefits to be gained from using a mail archiving program, the most pertinent of which are mentioned above.

As a small to medium sized business there are many more features that you can enjoy with GFI MailArchiver though.

For a full list I’d recommend checking out the appropriate page on the GFI web site but here are a few more points of interest –

  • all email is stored in a central location allowing users access either through an Outlook folder or through a web browser
  • unique integration with Outlook which negates the need to use stub files
  • all messages are archived, even if an individual user then tries to delete them
  • its easy to use – all messages can be managed through a central admin console from which the admin can also print reports, access audit information and build and prioritise policies
  • cross-access configuration which would allow another user to access a colleague’s archives should they leave the company
  • keen pricing from as little as £7.20 per mailbox

Want To Know More?

Overall I rather like GFI MailArchiver and would have no problem recommending it to any small or medium sized business owner who is looking for an archiving solution.

The proof, however, is in the pudding as they say so why not give it a go yourself.

If you go to then you can download a free trial and check just what the product can do for you.

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