Getting Online Help With Your Computer Security Problems

If you are a novice or just reasonable skilled with a computer, knowing where to go for help with a problem can be a real pain. This is especially true when it comes to computer security problems. You can either take your computer to a help service like Geek Squad and pay someone to help you or you can go online and try to find out the answer by yourself.

Many people choose the pay option because it will save them a lot of time in the end. Looking up information online can really be hard work. This is especially true when it comes to computer security problems. But if you know how to look then it can be less of a problem.

Getting Online Help With Your Computer Security Problems

Google it!

The first thing that you should remember is that you first and main weapon when it comes to research like this is Google. While you most likely have used Google in the past, you are really going to have to take it to the next level if you want to be able to figure out your problem.

The first thing that you have to realize is that Google is pretty smart at figuring out phrases. But you have to try and help it along. To start try and type in a phrase that directly deals with your problem. For example, “My computer will not connect to the internet after installing X widget”. This helps Google with figuring out the results that you are looking for. And even better, there is a good chance that someone had the same problem that you did and they probably typed it in Google in a similar manner. Google will match these problems and hopefully bring you closer to the solution.

Better than having a good phrase to type into Google is typing in the warning message that your computer is giving you. If you have any warning messages pop up, type the text into Google and take a look at the results. This is the best way to be able to figure out the problem. These warning messages may look like gibberish but they are actually telling you what the problem is. Once you do a quick search on Google then you will see this for yourself. Try your best to not click away error messages without looking at them first. Even if you are going to see a repairman it will help them figure out the problem faster. Write it down on a piece of paper if you have to.

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  1. Good suggestion.

    Geek Squad – no way ,, its cheaper usually to find a good computer repair shop to have work done on your computer. Many shops after you become a regular customer give you a price break on their charges, esp if you bring in new customers along the way.

    • I agree re: Geek Squad but I think we both know that most people panic a bit with computer problems and either go with the easiest option or a name they recognise rather then the ‘best’ option.

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