Get To Know The ARM Architecture If You Want To Get An Edge In Reverse Engineering

These days there is a lot of competition when it comes to the world of white hat hacking. As a matter of fact there is a lot of competition no matter what color hat you wear. In the past it was easy to become a well known hacker. The systems were a lot easier to reverse and there was not that much competition that you had to worry about. Now that is no longer the case and you are dealing with worldwide competition. So to become a well known person in the field you have to be able to find an edge. And these days the edge you might have is to learn the ARM architecture.

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For many years now the leading chip architecture was Intel’s x 86 systems. It was on most of the home computers out there and it started to be on all of the servers out there as well. Even the chips that were not run directly by Intel still have the x86 stamp on them. If it was not directly an Intel x86 chip then it was at least x86 compatible. In the background there was a small company that had the lead when it came to embedded chips. And that small company was known as ARM. They were in a lot of devices on the market but not in many that would be considered consumer devices. That has all changed with the popularity of smartphones. Now there are devices with the ARM chip all over the place. You see it in the latest smartphones, tablets, music players, and a whole host of other devices that you can think about. In a short amount of time, the ARM architecture is starting to become the most dominant chip on the market.

That is why it is a good thing to start learning the ARM architecture basics right now. It runs what is known as RISC instructions. The letters RISC stand for Reduced Instruction Standard Computing. It is supposed to be a lot less complicated than the CISC instructions that the x86 runs. CISC stands for Complex Instructions Standard Computing.

Once you learn how these types of chips work and the Assembly language that is behind them then you have the ability to reverse engineer some of the fastest growing devices on the market. And if you are trying to be a reverse engineer that is a skill that is going to come in real handy in the future.

Surprisingly there have not been that many people who have jumped on the bandwagon as of yet. There are a few classes that are being offered in which you can take yourself to help you get started. But overall most of the information that you are ever going to need is available online and you are going to have to search on the internet to find it. It is going to take a lot of reading and a lot of patience to be able to learn a new system like this.

Even though ARM chips have been around for a long time, the interest in them is just starting to perk up. And that means that if you are smart you will be able to get in front of a fast rising market. So be prepared to challenge yourself and learn how to work with the underneath code of ARM chips. You will find that there will be a lot of people out there who are amazed by your skill.

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