Geo Location Services That Are Abused

It has become a trend for people to let outsiders know everything about themselves. It all started with the world of social media and it has reached out a little farther than that. We started to see websites that were dedicated to showing all of the pictures that we took during the day and websites that were dedicated to showing what we were thinking at any moment of the day. But in the past few years a new phenomenon has reached new heights and whiles it is not a new technology anymore it is one that is being used more often. This is the technology known as Geo location.


Geo location started off as a technology that would allow you to be able to report were you were at anytime and share it with your friends. It was a spin on the geo trackers that were used for your cars and instead it was put into our phones. The first company to really take off on using the technology for people was one that is known as foursquare (a favourite of certain security company employees it seems 😉 ). Once they debuted the technology it really started to take off and we started to see more companies use the technology as well. One of the biggest companies to use the technology was Facebook. It would let you report to your friends where you were at all times and if you were near then maybe you could meet up with them.

While this may seem like a lot of fun, there are dangers that can be attached to it as well. And we have seen that danger play out in many instances. There have been reported cases of women being stalked based on their use of the foursquare program. While they were in the middle of becoming mayors of a certain location, their stalker would follow right behind them by using the service as well.

We have also seen people have their homes burgled or cars stolen after using various other social media services – the thieves were able to see the person’s whereabouts by following their postings.

While the technology can be useful while also being fun at the same time, there is a danger component to it. Like any other type of technology out there, you have to be careful when you use it. If not then next time the stalker could be after you.

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