French Smart Phone Hacker Gets 6 Months And A Tag

A French hacker who created a virus that stole small amounts from at least 17,000 smart phones has been handed a one year sentence for his crimes. The sentence consists of 6 months in prison followed by 6 months with an electronic ankle tag.

Dylan Caron, 20, developed the virus working from his parents’ house in Amiens where he was arrested back in October. He had let his virus out about a year earlier. In court he explained that his influence was a film that he had watched and that it only took him an hour to develop the virus.


The app he created was free to download for owners of Android phones (watch out for fake apps people) but, unbeknownst to them, their phones would then start sending out premium rate text messages. He would earn a small fee based on the value of those texts.

Additionally, he was also able to acquire login details for online gaming and gambling web sites to which his victims belonged.

All in all it would appear that the victims lost some half a million Euros whilst Caron himself may have only ‘earned’ as little as 4,000 Euros which he used to buy games and IT equipment.

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