French Pirates – “Nous Ne Pouvons Pas Déconnecter Votre Connexion Internet”

In other words, if you are in France and using your internet connection to illegally download files then you likely won’t have your access blocked if caught.


France, you may remember, had a ‘3 strikes’ program in place that would, ultimately, have led to serial pirates being disconnected from the internet.

The law, known locally as ‘Hadopi’, had three levels of warnings which would be issued to those suspected of privacy – an email, an email and printed mail and, finally, a fine plus disconnection from the internet. Over the last few years there was one 150 Euro fine handed out but no-one ever actually got got off from the net.

It turned out that the cost of getting all the way to the end of the three strikes idea was prohibitive and actually implementing the law was far harder than previously imagined.

There also seems to be a moral side to the story as well as the French Minister of Digital Economy Fleur Pellerin recently told reporters in Sweden that cutting off access to the internet was akin to “cutting off someone’s water”.

With many other countries around the world following France’s lead, such as America who have their own six strikes system, it will be interesting to see who else gives up on the disconnection idea and who, if anyone, actually follows through on their threats.

Of perhaps even more significance, to myself at least, will be the reaction of the recording industry who have an extremely vested interest in crucifying anyone deemed to be taking money out of their pockets.

I can only assume that they will lobby France and other governments to take alternative action, whatever that may be – perhaps they will follow Japan’s lead on piracy?

photo: Antonin Moulart

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