French Euromillions Site Hit By Religious Hack

A group of hackers, calling themselves, “Moroccanghosts” have hacked the French Euromillions website. If you visit the site now you’ll see a screen that looks like the image below that the site now redirects to :


Earlier, however, there were warnings about gambling and the work of the devil.

The messages, posted in both French and Arabic, cited verses of the Koran and condemned games of chance and alcohol as works of the devil:

“Oh you believers. Wine, games of chance, statues all augur impurity and are the work of the devil.”

It is, perhaps, no coincidence that France has the largest Islamic population in western Europe; a religion where alcohol and gambling are strictly forbidden.

For everyone else, there is a chance to win more than 100 million euros in Tuesday’s draw.

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  1. I checked the website. there is no religious thing in the website. nothing is there. are you sure that this news is correct or again is this a part of Islamophobia?

    • Lee Munson says:

      Its definitely not Islamaphobia – the site was hacked last night but, as I said, the message left was subsequently removed. The site now also resolves to at the time of writing.

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