Free Sony Ericsson Laptop Hoax Evolves Into Free Sony Vaio Laptop

The latest fanciful email to hit my inbox claims that L.P.C. Electronics is giving away Sony Vaio Laptops to anyone who forwards the email on to twenty other people.

Of course it isn’t true – if it was, I would be keeping it to myself 😉

Subject: Sony Laptop


L.P.C. Electronics is giving away free laptops as part of a new promotion. This is a campaign to increase the popularity and sales.

You are 100% guaranteed to win a free Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-AW270 if you send this email to 20 other people. The stock for these laptops is limited so make sure to send out the emails as fast as possible.

Forward a copy along with verification to: {removed}

You will receive an email with more information

Kind Regards,

Eve Gibson [IT Manager L.P.C.]

It’s for real, I just received it!!

I’ve actually received two different versions of this email hoax.

The first one is the written version above, the second comes in the form of a graphic.

My guess is that the graphical version has been created for two different reasons – the first being that it is more visually appealing and the second as a means of getting around spam filters.

Free Sony Vaio Laptop?

As you can read for yourself, the message claims that you are 100% guaranteed to ‘win’ a free Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-AW270 simply by forwarding the same message onto 20 friends or acquaintances.

As if.

The email states that a company named L.P.C. Electronics is giving the laptops away for nothing as part of a promotional campaign to increase their popularity and sales.

However, that simply isn’t true.

L.P.C. Electronics is not giving away free laptops in exchange for sending on an email.

Nor for that matter is anyone else, despite what you may read in your inbox – this particular hoax is remarkably similar to the ‘Sony Ericsson free laptop‘ email that has been widely circulated in recent years.

That particular message was a hoax too, as evidenced by the fact that the laptops on offer weren’t exactly as they seemed.

In fact, they weren’t laptops at all, they were old and discontinued cell phones – the T18 and R320 !

Nothing in life is free

A quick search around the internet reveals that there are several different companies trading under the name of ‘L.P.C. Electronics’.

These businesses can be found around the globe, from the US to India and even Australia.

Is it one of these companies that has been targeted by this hoax?

Well, I don’t know – after all it could be a coincidence that the hoaxster chose such a name – he may have just made that up for this email.

Reality, and common sense, dictate that no-one gives anything away for free, even if it may seem that way at first glance.

Any email which claims otherwise is almost certainly going to be a hoax.

Therefore, if you receive this email, or any other offering a free laptop, then you should delete it immediately.

Don’t get excited and don’t clutter your friends’ inboxes with it!

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  1. bhumika bansal says:

    how i can win this laptop in free?

  2. If you log on to, you’ll find that if signed up with them you can steal an address book from a recipients computer once you activate the email itself. A clever hoax to get millions of viable email addresses for someone to advertise to without paying for a list. It should be outlawed as fraudulent!

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