Free Sex And Hackers

In the world of advertising there are a few tricks that marketers know will get the attention of the average consumer every time. They might not respond to the trick in a way that makes them end up purchasing the item but they will at least take a look at it. And as a marketer that is all that you really want. You want the person to take a look at the product that you are selling and then make a decision on whether they want it or not.


The items that make people pay attention most are “sex” and “free” (but not necessarily both at the same time!). That is why you see so much of these terms used in advertising no matter what the format is. Advertisers will use attractive members of the opposite sex to be able to sell items to their particular audience. It works and is something that you will probably see until the end of time. The other way to get people to turn their heads is by using the word free. Everyone is looking for a deal in this world and there is no greater deal than free.

That is why you will see a lot of hackers use the word free as bait to draw people in. No matter if you are poor or not, the word free is always going to turn your head. And that is what they want you to do. Just as marketers want your attention so do black hat hackers. They don’t need everyone to download their infection, they just need enough. And there are too many people who fall for this trap for it not to work. They have apparently not learned the number one rule in life, and that is nothing in this life is for free.

So if you are surfing the internet and you come across advertising or a file that says it is for free, make sure you really take a look at it first. See where you are downloading it from. Is it a web site that you can trust? Make sure that the file itself does not look shady. And after everything is said and done make sure you scan the file. This way you will be safe.

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