Free Files Can Come Back To Harm You

When it comes to the internet everyone loves the word free. Free has been a constant on the internet for a long time now. When it comes to most web sites that you visit on the web you do not have to pay for them. And when it comes to a lot of content on the web you do not have to pay to look at it. And after years and years of this it only makes sense that people have gotten used to this concept. But sometimes there is a cost to getting something for free. And when you are online the cost of free can mean more than money. It can mean your privacy, identity, and yes also money.


But the word free is so strong that it makes sense that people flock to it whenever they can. And this is especially true in this type of economy. People are looking for deals wherever they can get them so when they see the word free online they tend to flock to it. And the bad guys of the internet know this. They know that there is no better word to get someone’s attention than the word free. They know that one single word can make someone who is not interested in a product take a look and someone who is interested click on the link right away. Both of these actions are the results that you want when you are looking for someone to notice your product and that includes black hat hackers. When you are a black hat hacker you have to be good at marketing just as much as you have to be good at the technical side. Because it does not matter how good the tech is if you do not have anyone there to get trapped by it.

When people usually think of free files online they think of the many torrent or shared services out there. While yes those services are used by a lot of black hat hackers that is not what we are talking about in this article. But be warned, you should really be careful with those web sites as well. We are just not talking about them in this article because so many people bring them up already. No, what we are talking about is the free files that are not brought up all of the time. The free files that are malware but they are mixed in with the legitimate software. These are the files that you need to worry about because these may be the files that will confuse you the most. You may think that the files are innocent but there is really something behind them that you have to worry about.

The free files that we are talking about are the little programs that do something simple on your computer but then they also ask you to download a bunch of stuff with it. For example they ask you to place a toolbar in your browser or something of that nature. While a lot of these types of programs are fine, there are some which hide malware in them. So unless you are getting the toolbar from a name that you know, I would avoid adding them to your computer. There are also other files to be on the lookout for. For example banner files that you can load into your profile, or cute little pictures that you can add to Facebook. These files can easily be used to spread malware as well by linking to a dangerous web site.

When it comes to free files on the internet you have to really be careful. If you are not then you can infect your computer or someone that you know.

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