Free Antivirus? Check It Doesn’t Come With A Vast Cost!

Antivirus protection.

Just about everybody needs it.

Even Mac users and security professionals (ssshhh, don’t tell them).


But do you choose a free or paid solution for your security needs? I test one or two twenty or thirty such programs every year and there are some good free antivirus programs out there for sure. And for many people a free antivirus program may be adequate too.

But what if a free antivirus program leads you into a situation that could potentially cost you money?

A lot of money?

I’ll outsource the full answer to that question, and more, to the renowned Brian Krebs who has recently taken an eye opening look at Avast and a company called iYogi.

Update: The power of the internet

Following Brian’s report on iYogi’s apparent business practices Avast have now removed their support service 🙂

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