Foreign Language Sites And Why The Average User Still Has To Be Careful Of Phishing When Going To Them

If you are on the internet right now then you probably already know that it is a global phenomenon. You know that the internet stretches all around the world and that people in every country use it. But if you take a really good look then it might be hard to tell that the internet is global. That is because you most likely use the part of the internet that you can understand. You use the part of the internet that is written in your language. And while most of the internet is written in English right now, that is slowly becoming not the case. More and more the English language is starting to become challenged for the number one used language on the internet by Spanish, Chinese, and other popular languages used around the world. And that also means that malware is going global as well.


If you are a black hat hacker and you want to be able to make money while doing your crimes you have to focus on the biggest audience that you can. It is the same methodology that is used in every other business. The more people that you are exposed to the wider net that you can use to capture these people. In the past, if black hat hackers wanted to make money on the internet they had to focus on the English language. For the most part that is where the money was. That is the language that most ecommerce sites used and it was also the language of most of the people who use the internet. But like we mentioned earlier in the article that is all starting to change now and all languages are being represented. Now the black hat hackers who are out there are starting to make their warez target an international crowd. The international crowd has not been exposed to the level of attacks that the English speaking crowd has been exposed to but that is all about to change.

The first place that you can take a look at this phenomenon is through the use of phishing pages. Let’s stop a minute so that we can explain what phishing pages mean to the people who might be new to security lingo. A phishing page is when a black hat hacker decides to emulate a famous web page. They do this so that they can trick the person into giving up their information to that site. Most popular pages that are emulated are bank related, or anything else that is financial related. Once they get your information they then take it and either sell it to the highest bidder or they use it themselves so that they can steal from you. This is a hard crime to stop because it happens so often and it is very low tech and is really hard to detect until it has affected someone.

And now we are starting to see these types of attack happen a lot internationally as well. This is why you have to be really careful when you are going to foreign language web sites. They are becoming infected just like the English based web sites are. And if you do not speak the language on the site then it will be even harder for you to tell if you are on a real site or not. For the most part if you do not understand the language then you are not going to put sensitive information inside of it. But there may be rare cases that you might and this is the type of stuff that you should really look out for.

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