For The Advanced User A Proxy Is The Way To Go

Many are concerned when it comes to the safety of their computers but if you are not a highly skilled user there is only so much that you can do. You can install and update your antivirus software. And you can also be careful
when you are on the internet but that is usually as far as your skills will allow you to proceed. But if you are advanced user or a user that is willing to take the time to learn, there is a lot more that you can do to be able to secure your computer. One of the ways that an advanced user is able to protect themselves while on the internet is to use a Proxy (or you may wish to learn how to use a VPN).

stay hidden on the web by using a proxy

What is a proxy?

While a lot of the advanced users reading this article will already know that answer not all of them will. Especially if they are still learning about how networking works. A proxy is a way for you to surf the internet without your IP address being exposed. You log into one web site and while you are on that site you surf the rest of the web. This way when you go to another web site, they will log the IP address of the proxy site you logged in to and not the IP address of the web site where you are coming from. While it can take some time to get used to, it is actually an easy process to pull off.

Now you might asking yourself how can this help you when it comes to web security? Well it can help because it allows you to surf the web anonymously. Most of the crimes that happen to you on the web are attempts at stealing your identity. While you are on the web your IP address is a big indicator of who you are. Your IP address is unique and can be traced back to your city, state, and even house. This is information that you do not want getting out there. A proxy will help cover that up.

While using a proxy is a good idea when on a causal web site, I would not suggest it on a banking web site. They might think that you are a bad guy because a lot of black hat hackers use Proxies to disguise their movements.

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