Fluoridation – Better Teeth Or A Poisonous Conspiracy?

Many modern countries in the world add flourine to their supply of drinking water.

For the most part this is because of a desire to give children healthy teeth.

Could it be though that fluorine does more harm than good?

Personally, I don’t have a huge amount of knowledge of chemistry but I do know that calcium was always associated with teeth and fluorine is in a different column of the periodic table, whatever relevance that may have.



Fluoride is, in fact, a poison and I believe it was, or still is, used as the active ingredient in some pesticides.

Rather disconcerting then isn’t it that we drink water containing fluoride and brush our teeth with it?

Perhaps not as the average person can consume about two and a half grammes of fluoride before it will be lethal to them.

Most fluoridated water contains less than 0.1% of that amount per gallon and the effects are not cumulative as fluoride is not retained for long in the body.

Additionally, fluoride is likely to be present, albeit in trace amounts, in many of the things we eat due to the fact that it can be found in the soil and other water sources that are consumed by plants and animals respectively.


So if fluoride is a poison, even if the doses taken are minuscule, there must be some benefits to putting it into the water supply right?

Again, I’m not an expert on the subject, but I read that fluoride can be useful in terms of building up calcium in the body which then leads in turn leads to stronger tooth enamel.

I don’t know how true that is, or what scientific data supports the proposition but it sounds like a reasonable assumption to me.

It should be pointed out though that there have been many other advancements in the dental hygiene field in recent years too so it may not be conclusive that fluoridated water is the cause of improved dental care.


From what I can make out there are 3 main types of conspiracy theory surrounding the fluoridation of drinking water –

  1. Its just plain dangerous to health
  2. It is designed to dumb the population down
  3. Its a cheap way for aluminium manufacturers to get rid of their waste

The first one, that fluoride is dangerous to health, has been covered above because this theory is based upon the fact that fluoridated water is poisonous.

Judging by the amount that would be required to cause death it beggars belief that anyone could actually consume that amount within the required timescale anyway so I don’t buy into this theory at all.

As for the claim that fluoride causes a drop in intelligence, the following video gives a good insight –

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Interesting that the guy at the beginning says toxins are leading to people with lower I.Q.s who then rely on government to make decisions for them.

I also thought a piece at the end, from David Icke, was noteworthy too – that sodium fluoride was used by the Nazis as a means of population control.

As for the last point, that fluoride is a waste product to be disposed of, that does seem true to my mind as I have already stated that it is toxic.

Presumably the expense of disposing of it safely is high but is it really right to then surmise that the government colluded with business to allow them to put their waste into the tap water system?

Doesn’t sound too plausible but, then again, governments are lobbied by the chemical and medical institutions and they have supported other dangerous substances in the past, such as asbestos, so why not fluoridation too?

Do you think there is a conspiracy surrounding the use of fluoride in drinking water?

If you do, then why do you think that?

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