How A Flaw In Internet Explorer Can Turn Your Computer Into A File Server Without Your Knowledge

It is early in the new year and Microsoft has taken some serious hits in their public image.

Just when they released, probably their most secured operating system ever, we now see that there are more holes in the Microsoft family that we have to worry about.

More Problems With Internet Explorer

A couple of months ago, there was a flaw found in the Internet Explorer family of browsers.

It affected all versions.

Microsoft released a fix and all was thought to be well in the world.

But it turns out this is not true.

There has been another major flaw found when it comes to the Internet Explorer browser.

And once again it affects all versions of the browser as well.

Microsoft is going to need to shore up the security on everything else now that they have done a better job  with the operating system.

IE can turn your computer into a file server

Turning Your Computer Into A File Server

The hole that has been found allows an attacker to use Internet Explorer to turn your computer into a file sharing device.

The hole was found by a security researcher by the name of Jorge Luis Alverez Medina.

He was able to demo the exploit at the most recent Black Hat conference.

He was able to show by just a click of the link, you are able to turn the computer into a file server.

This is very dangerous and can be used for all kinds of different exploits on the computer.

To give a small synopsis of how the exploit works, you get the victim to put some html based files in a folder that is shared on the computer.

After that, you get the same victim to click on a site that has been infected by code from the attacker.

The code then redirects towards those files.

After that, the code will run as if it is on your computer.

This will allow you to do a lot of different things to the victims computer.

Mainly to see files that are in there.

Microsoft has become aware of the problem and has issued a warning about it as well.

You should be able to see a fix coming soon in the next security update that they have.

They tell you for right now that you should not run the browser if it is not in protected mode – the hack does not work if the browser is in that mode.

Microsoft has not had a great year so far when it comes to their security.

You would think that after they decided to tightening up the security on their operating system that they would have learned a lesson.

Obviously not.

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