Flatulent Cows Are The Real Cause Of Global Warming

Did you know that you could be directly responsible for global warming because of your eating habits?

You see, the ‘facts’ about global warming decree that the precarious position we know (allegedly) find our world in is due in large part to the release of gasses into the atmosphere.


Did you know, however, that cows emit more ‘harmful gasses’ than any other creature or creation known to man?

So stop feeling guilty about driving that gas-guzzling car and cut beef out of your diet instead.

Hang on a minute though, if you eat the cow it cannot flatulate anymore so scrub the last bit and get in your car and eat beef all day!

So, do you feel guilty for your part in global warming or, like me, do you think the whole thing is a politically- and financially-driven hoax?

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  1. This is a little erm ‘different’. Were you feeling ok when you wrote this?

  2. This made me laugh – it should be in humor rather than hoaxes 😀

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