Firefox And Booby Trapped Images

One of the most used browsers out on the market today is the Firefox browser. It was able to strip the title of being the number one browser in the world from Microsoft Internet Explorer some time last year. Through the years the average consumer has started to really get to know the browser and it has slowly become their web app of choice. There are many reasons why people choose to use the browser but the number one fact is that the browser was way ahead of internet Explorer when it came to security. So you see it on a lot of computers now.

Firefox And Booby Trapped Images

But just because Firefox was able to beat out Internet Explorer when it came to security does not mean that it is one hundred percent secured. As a matter of fact it is far from that. There are a lot of security problems discovered in Firefox every year. To help stop the negative effects of the security leaks, the creators of Firefox decided that the new shipments of the browser would come with an automatic update feature. This means that if there are any problems with the browser then they would be fixed behind the scenes and the user would not even notice. This has helped put a stop to the security bugs being able to linger for years and years until most of the people updated their browser.

A serious security problem that was found in an updated version of Firefox was one that attacked images. The software library that Firefox used to display images was found to have what is called an integer overflow bug. And worse than that was that black hat hackers could run an exploit in that bug. That is why you should not be running a Firefox instance less than 10.0.2 from now on. If you do and you go to the wrong web page then your computer could become compromised. One malformed picture could cause you to have a really bad day.

That is why it is a good thing that Firefox has automated updates now. If they waited for most consumers to manually do the update then this exploit would be trouble for a long time. For now it can be just be put to bed with the release of the next version of the software.

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