Firefox 11 – Will A Last Minute Security Hitch Affect The New Release?

Will they?

Won’t they?

That is the question.


At the time I’m writing this there seems to be some confusion over the imminent release of Firefox version 11.0.

Some web sites are reporting that the latest version of the popular browser has already been released whilst others are claiming that it has been postponed, possibly due to the results of last week’s Pwn2Own contest.

According to Johnathan Nightingale on the official Firefox blog,

“The security bug reported by ZDI is one we had already identified and fixed through our internal processes. This eliminates the need for us to delay this week’s releases, and we will be shipping them later today. However, in order to understand the impacts of Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” fixes, we will initially release Firefox for manual updates only. Once those impacts are understood, we’ll push automatic updates out to all of our users”.

And yet the newest version available, as per the pic above, is 10.0.2.

Ho hum.

That said though, Firefox 11 doesn’t appear to have any major updates in it this time around. The one new feature that did catch my eye though was the Add-on synchronisation that allows Firefox installations across a set of desktops to have the same add-ons synched which is kinda cool.

Are you waiting for Firefox 11 with baited breath or do you prefer another browser anyway?

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