#FFF: National Association Of Federal Agents Website Hacked By Anonymous

If you visited the National Association of Federal Agents website (http://federalagents.org/) –

“Founded in 1977, the National Association of Federal Agents is a non-profit, non-partisan legal service organization. Membership is open to the following groups: First, all current, retired, former, and future U.S. Treasury special agents, including those from IRS-CI, TIGTA, Treasury OIG and others, are eligible.”

– a little earlier this evening then you may not have seen the regular looking web page which looks like this –


Thats because hacktivist group Anonymous targeted it as part of their #FFF (Fuck FBI Friday) and #OpLastResort campaigns,as advertised by @Anon_Central:

For many hours the federal agent site ended up looking thus instead:


The #OpLastResort campaign is ongoing and in support of the late Aaron Swartz who¬†committed¬†suicide last month. Aaron was an online activist and co-founder of the hugely popular Reddit site. Quite what he would have made of all the hacks being done in his name/honour is, of course, anyone’s guess!

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