FBI Makes At Least 14 Anonymous Related Arrests

Suspects have been arrested in California, Florida and New Jersey, though the indictments have not been officially disclosed.

The FBI arrested on Tuesday (July 19th) at least 14 people as part of a broad investigation into the hacker-activist group Anonymous, according to a federal police in the U.S. The arrests came after the group said it had invaded Apple’s servers and made attacks last year against the sites of MasterCard and Visa.

FBI Makes At Least 14 Anonymous Related Arrests

Before the arrests, agents had done a property search in Brooklyn and five Long Island (New York regions), looking especially for computers and other computer equipment, according to the FBI. FBI officials in both California and Florida have confirmed that such searches have been undertaken but they haven’t confirmed any arrests. In New Jersey, a spokesman for the agency said one person had been arrested, but did not clarify exactly what they had been charged with.

Anonymous joined forces with Lulz Security (LulzSec) in June. The latter of the two have now hacked the Sony website, the CIA and SOCA.

Security experts say that the actions of the FBI were already expected, mainly because the hackers were getting bolder in their approach. “I do not think anyone should be surprised,” said Josh Shaul, Application Security Technical Director, which helps businesses protect their data. “They played with fire and eventually burned.”

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