Fake Websites Offer Trojan In Place Of Snow Leopard

So, Mac users don’t get viruses and their machines arn’t targeted by cybercriminals in any way huh?

Yeah, right.


Less than 24 hours after Mac OS v10.6 (Snow Leopard) was released and already there are reports of fake websites trying to trick Mac owners into downloading malicious code.

According to security researchers at Trend Micro, fake websites that claim to have Mac OS v10.6 available for download have already been spotted.

Anybody visiting one of those sites is hardly likely to get what they expect, however.

Instead of a copy of Snow Leopard, the only program likely to be on offer is a Trojan called OSX_JAHLAV.K.

Bernadette Irinco of Trend Micro said,

“Once executed, OSX_JAHLAV.K decrypts codes, which include a script that downloads other malicious scripts.”

“The script then alters the DNS (domain name server) configuration and includes two additional IP addresses in its DNS server.

Users are thus possibly redirected to phishing sites and other fraudulent sites.”

Of course Mac owners with common sense will be ok as they will only get Snow Leopard from the official Apple website.

On the other hand, those who are foolish enough to download files from unknown sites, or who are so arrogant that they don’t believe their Mac is at risk, will find out just why Snow Leopard has an in-built antivirus capability.

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  1. The users role in security is something I’m putting some thought into for a future post because they are, without a doubt, the weak link as you say.

    As for you doing things by the book, well, I kind of had an idea you would Justin!

  2. Well said Colin.

  3. Good post….as ever Lee.

    As pointed out above (and by your good self), downloading ANYTHING from sites you don’t know is the biggest risk. The providing your admin password to let it install is just dumb.

    The weakest link in ANY computer system is usually the user.

    I’ll be getting my Snow Leopard from Apple, I think! 🙂


  4. Ouch!

    I was actually saying people who don’t take the security of their system are stupid.

    That goes for users of Windows just the same as those who use Macs.

  5. If Mac users are unused to security threats then I’m of the opinion that they better get themselves clued up pretty darn quick.

    More Mac malware is undoubtedly on the way…

  6. The only reason Mac users get viruses is through their own stupidity which is the same as Windows users really. The propensity to attract malware is not platform related.

  7. Don’t you think its a bit rich calling Mac users stupid when yyou are obviously a windows user yourself? Its hardly a step up is it.

  8. I disagree with your assertion that Mac users are either arrogant or foolish. I think the issue here is that they are just so unused to such security threats that there will be a few breaches here and there.


  1. […] fact, it doesn’t even seem equipped to deal with OSX_JAHLAV.K, a Trojan that some fake download websites are serving up in the place of Snow Leopard […]

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