Fake URLs Are Still A Very Big Problem On The Internet

When it comes to the internet and the web that sits on top of it, there are a very few technologies that are considered to be the backbone of it. If you really look at how the internet was made, you may notice that it is a hodgepodge of a different bunch of technologies. All of these technologies have been brought together and rolled into one. And so far it seems to work but that is also why it seems as if the internet as well as the web is so brittle. Because when you bring a bunch of separate technologies together it is hard to make them secure. And this really shows is one of the technologies that we are about to talk about. This technology is considered one of the backbones of the internet and more specifically the web. What we are talking about is the linking technology and URLs in particular.


The letters URL stand for Uniform Resource Locator. What it allows you to do is to link to documents on the web. As a matter of fact it is this very technology that makes up the portion of the internet that we label the web. It is a very strong technology and it is how we travel around on the internet. It is how we go from website to website in a very easy manner. But that ease of use is also a problem when it comes to the security of the web. The links that allow us to be able to move around the web with no problem at all are the same ones that allow us to go to a website with no knowledge of what lays on the other side. All we do is click and hope for the best. And it gets even worse than that when it comes to domain names.

A domain name is what allows us to be able to recognize a site. When we want to go to Google we just type in the google domain name. But a lot of us do not use the address bar anymore to get to our favorite websites. Instead we search in Google for the site, or type a few letters in the name and wait for it to pop up in our address bar, or we have it bookmarked, or a number of other methods. We do all types of things to make sure that we get to the right site but sometimes this leads us to going to the wrong site instead.

And that is a real problem. There are so many fake websites out there that people are getting trapped in them all of the time. And there are different types of fake websites. There are websites that have a one or two letter difference between it and a very popular domain name. This is known as the wrong address domain and it usually does not have malware in it. It just usually has a bunch of spam advertising crowding it up. An example of this is Googllle.com. And then you have the fake address that has a real popular domain name spelled correctly but in reality it is the sub domain of a fake web site. For example it would look like pinterest.fakeaddresshere.com. Sites like this usually are the ones that have malware in them and might cause serious harm to your computer.

All in all, you really do have to be careful when you are visiting websites. Make sure that you are going to the right domains. This is a problem that is not going away and it is only going to get worse.

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