Fake Angry Birds Star Wars: The SMS Is Strong In This One

Angry Birds + Star Wars is a perfect match up, at least in my household where there are 4 of us kids all playing it 🙂

But with that level of popularity there was always bound to be certain problems, as indeed some had predicted:

We are anticipating malware versions to be released, as this has been done in the past. One example would be the fake Angry Birds Space, a malware-carrying version of the app which infected phones back in April. So please be careful where and from whom you download this app. The official game should come from Rovio, the mobile game maker, or from reliable sources like Google Play.


As mentioned above, previous versions of Angry Birds had already bred unwanted copycats:

SophosLabs recently encountered malware-infected editions of the “Angry Birds Space” game which have been placed in unofficial Android app stores. Please note: The version of “Angry Birds Space” in the official Android market (recently renamed “Google Play”) is *not* affected.
Naked Security

Now the best version of the popular Android game (my opinion, backed up by everyone else in my house!) has been targeted too, this time with a version that will send out costly SMS messages before delivering the real game to your phone or tablet:

This one acts like a typical Boxer Android file, sending premium SMS messages before downloading a valid version of the software.
Chris Boyd, GFI

So, remember folks, if you want an Android app, get it from the Google Play store – 3rd party locations can be dangerous!

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