Facebook Messages Appearing To Link To FBAction.Net – Possible Phishing Site

One of my friends has just alerted me to the possibility of a new phishing attempt on Facebook that has surfaced in the last couple of hours.

He (Rick) said that he was receiving messages that linked to a website called FBAction.net that actually displays a fake Facebook login.


Strangely, however, doing a ‘whois’ lookup on that domain shows that it is, as yet, unregistered and available for sale.

Therefore, I would imagine that the domain name has actually been spoofed and leads elsewhere. (If anyone has a copy of the message can they mouse over the link to see what it says?)

In any event, it seems that entering your details on the fake Facebook login page will lead to the same spam message being sent to all your contacts.

Whilst there doesn’t appear to be any evidence of a worm, virus or other malware on the site that could change so be on your guard for this Facebook message.

If you get locked out of your account, or have any other concerns, then contact Facebook directly for assistance.

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  1. I forgot to explain my previous comment so here it is.
    While in fB i posted a link to this post for others to read, seems one of my friends tried to share the link using the share button.
    When they did they got the warning message in my previous comment.
    I have no explanation for it but i sure would like one.

    • You mean the link to this post on my site was blocked?

      • Lee not the whole link cause my friends were able to read it just couldnt share it, evidently some portion of it was blocked though since it couldnt be shared.
        I need to go in there an look thru their FAQs section an see if there are any ‘rules’ about this. There wasnt anything ‘abusive’ in the article an i myself havent got any notification from FB asking i remove the link an they havent removed it.
        It does have me confused.

  2. from facebook thru a friend of mine

    Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content
    Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.

  3. Maybe whois just didn’t update quickly and the domain was bought today?

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