Facebook Facing Fraud Charge

According to seattlepi.com the social networking site, Facebook, could soon be facing a consumer fraud charge because it cannot live up to it’s claim that children are safer on that web site than on other similar ones.

An investigation was carried out at the behest of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo whose team discovered that Facebook doesn’t seem to respond to complaints as quickly as they suggest either.

An undercover team posed as 12-14 year olds on the site and found themselves being solicited for sex.

Furthermore, Facebook did not reply to many of the complaints they then subsequently made.

Jeffrey Lerner, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s office, suggested that Facebook’s claim of being safer for children may have been accurate a few years ago when the website was first starting to become popular.

However, now that it has grown to such a huge size, the safeguards would seem to have lessened and the time to respond to concerns has greatly increased.

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  4. A friend of mine invited me to signup on facebook yesterday.I have. It is extremely flexible when it comes to profile and privacy settings. So it could be safer if an adult guided a child to make his/her profile more secure.


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