F-Secure To Offer Mac Protection. Test It For Free.

Well-known security vendor F-Secure are to release a new antivirus product for the Apple Mac.

Mac Protection from F-Secure is, unsurprisingly, designed for computers that run with Mac OS X.

Despite many Mac users feeling that they are immune from malware, there is a need for such protection in the marketplace.

Whilst it is true that the Mac is indeed less susceptible to malware than machines running a Windows operating system, there are variants out there in the wild and Mac Protection should be equipped to deal with them.

Before you get too excited and go looking for my affiliate link so you can buy this, you need to know that it hasn’t yet been released – its still in the testing phase.

This means that the software is currently able to detect a file based on the evidence in front of it rather than specifically id-ing any types of malware.

During this technology preview phase you are able to get yourself a free 6 month subscription during which time you will be able to contribute your input towards the final version.

F-Secure will even be offering rewards to anyone who offers good suggestions or excellent feedback on their experiences with the product.

If that sounds like something you wish to engage in then follow this link to F-Secure’s website.

If anyone reading this is using F-Secure Mac Protection then I’d love to hear your views on it.

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