F-Secure Launch Safe Avenue For Multi-Device Security

F-Secure have launched Safe Avenue as a new way of protecting multiple devices that you currently own, or even may own in the future.

There is no support for iOS just yet but it sounds like there will be soon. The ability to swap licenses around as devices are replaced sounds especially useful.


“Safe Avenue responds to a strong need for flexible security which covers all a consumer’s devices. The new product makes offering converged security simple for operators.

A one-stop-shop for multi-device security is here, answering to the growing need for converged security across multiple devices. F-Secure’s Safe Avenue, which combines award-winning best protection technologies,* allows consumers to easily manage the security of all their devices, while giving operators a fast, convenient way to expand their portfolios and provide converged value-added security and backup solutions.

“It’s not just about the security of your home computer anymore, it’s about protecting your entire digital life, and that extends to every Internet-connected device you use,” says Maria Nordgren, VP, Consumer Security at F-Secure. “Most consumers own more than one device, and 53 percent of consumers replace their mobile phones every year or two.** Flexibility for consumers in self-managing their device security is a must.”

With Safe Avenue, consumers purchase a certain number of security licenses from their operator, and then can apply those licenses to any of their devices, switching to any combination of computers, tablets, and smartphones through a user-friendly interface. The customer can add a device, remove a device, or move security from one device to another in just a few clicks.

At the same time Safe Avenue enables operator partners, with just one integration, to provide customers F-Secure security and backup products for computers and mobile devices. It’s fast and easy to start selling new products right away, and future new products won’t need integration. Operators will expand their portfolios, creating new revenue streams and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Safe Avenue supports PC, Mac and Android, with support for iOS coming soon. In addition to computer and device security, Safe Avenue will soon offer content security, with online backup slated to be added to the list of enabled services. Like all of F-Secure’s operator-provided value-added services, Safe Avenue is co-brandable and fully customizable.”

How good this is for users will, I think, depend greatly on the cost but it is certainly a promising and timely move that reflects how many of us use and replace our tech devices these days.

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