F-Secure Joins The Dots Between France, Germany, China And Internet Explorer. Then Rubs Them Out

Unless you have been living under a rock recently you will have heard a great deal about the Internet Explorer browser.

Specifically, a zero day vulnerability that has been linked to attacks on the likes of Google.


In fact, the attacks have been so severe that Google has gone as far as threatening to completely pull out of China from where the attacks are believed to have originated.

It now seems that international tension is building..

The bug poses such a large risk that both France and Germany have advised users of Internet Explorer to use an alternative instead until such time as Microsoft come up with a patch for their browser.

Browser Security

In the meantime, Microsoft advise users of versions 6 and 7 of their browser to upgrade to IE8 and, additionally, to increase their security settings to the high level.

I would note, however, that no browser is 100% safe and that is a situation that will almost certainly never change.

Sure, some browsers offer better functionality and protection against different attack vectors but, ultimately, all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Internet Security

Therefore, the savvy internet user would be well advised to install a quality suite of internet security programs.

My friend Jason, at F-Secure, pointed me in the direction of a post on their blog which explains how their product proactively blocks the exploit in question.

Additionally, as stated at the end of the post,

Our Exploit Shield was able to block “Operation Aurora” attacks before they were made.

So, do yourself a favour and check out F-Secure Internet Security

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