Improve User Experience And Build Trust On Your Web Site With F-Secure Safe Links

Do you own your own web site?

Do you receive a lot of comments?

Or, perhaps, you visit sites with lots of comments?

If so, then a new (and FREE) service from F-Secure may be of interest to you.

Safe Links Beta

F-Secure’s new Safe Links service is designed to help ensure that links left on your site are safe which will protect both you and your visitors.

How can it help you as a web site owner?

F-Secure Safe Links beta

F-Secure Safe Links beta

Well, you may not know this, but any links on your blog or web site that link to other locations on the web are ‘graded’ by the search engines.

If those links can pose a risk to web users, i.e. because they point to pages filled with malware, then your site will not be offering a good user experience (to put it mildly).

Therefore, the search engines will penalise your site, causing individual pages, or even your entire site, to drop in their search results pages.

Those pages, or even your entire site, could even be completely removed from the search engine’s index, resulting in a catastrophic collapse in the number of people who visit your pages.

How can Safe Links help your visitors?

The answer to this should now be obvious – by highlighting whether the links on your site are safe or not your visitors will know whether they can trust you (if you look at the image above you will see that the safe links on my site get a nice green tick).

If you deal with any bad links as soon as your become aware of them you will ensure that your visitors are never subjected to any nasty surprises through visiting your web site and building trust is key to anything you wish to achieve online.

F-Secure Safe Links offers up stats for webmasters

F-Secure Safe Links offers up stats for webmasters

Is F-Secure Safe Links For Me?

If you’re asking me that question then I have to say that the answer is NO.

Thats not because there is anything wrong with the service because there isn’t.

I’m personally having a few issues with the speed of my blog right now and, alas, I cannot afford the number one cure (a VPS or dedicated hosting).

Therefore, I need to minimise the number of occurrences of Javascript on my site and Safe Links… you guessed it, requires having a piece of Javascript installed.

If I had a faster service I would definitely consider it though.

Try It Yourself

If you would like to try this service from F-Secure then click through the following link (its safe, trust me!)F-Secure Safe Links beta

If you do sign up, even if its only to give a quick try, you can always then send my special code – QZPSRI – to so that I get a chance to win something interesting 🙂

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