Examining The Role Of A Fraud Investigator

With all the talk of scammers and fraudsters here at Security FAQs, have you ever wondered what the good guys are like?

I know I have.

For that reason I decided to research the role of the fraud investigator.

It actually took many hours to come up with a job advertisement for fraud investigation.

I’m guessing that these investigative positions are probably filled by word of mouth, with ex-police gaining them through their social networks.

Anyway, here is a glimpse of what sort of person the banking sector is after to reduce their risks against fraud and scams, and the kind of benefits you could expect to receive for being a fraud investigator.

Position : Senior Fraud Investigator

Sector : Banking

Remuneration : up to £42000 depending on experience

xxx-xxx Limited are recruiting for a Senior Fraud Investigator to be seconded to Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit (DCPCU).

The DCPCU is a fully operational police unit targeting the organised crime gangs behind cheque and payment card fraud. The Unit is a joint initiative between the banking industry, who through APACS, fully sponsor the Unit, and the police.

The Senior Fraud Investigator is a key role within the DCPCU and involves all aspects of the unit’s investigation function. The role involves investigating cases adopted by the DCPCU as directed by the relevant team sergeant. It includes gathering evidence against offenders and making recommendations as to the action taken, e.g. arrest, disrupt etc. It also involves obtaining evidence and giving evidence in court, in support of criminal prosecutions.

The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience of the banking and, or card payment industry systems, infrastructure, policies and practices, plus knowledge and experience of police procedures, policies and systems. They will also have knowledge and experience of intelligence led investigation and relevant legislation.

In return, we can offer a friendly working environment and an attractive salary supported by generous benefits including 28 days holiday and a non contributory pension scheme.

The role of the Fraud Investigator sounds intriguing.

I am going to look out for more job descriptions, case studies of actual fraud investigations and even attempt to track a Fraud Investigator down to conduct an interview… watch this space!

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  1. I’m afraid i haven’t done yet PP-152 but I do know someone involved in the fraud business now – I might approach them to see what I can arrange, if anything.

  2. “and even attempt to track a Fraud Investigator down to conduct an interview”

    I couldn’t find this – did it ever happen?


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