Ex-Dr Who Actress Karen Gillan Has Twitter Account Hacked

The official Twitter account of Karen Gillan, best known as Dr Who’s sidekick Amy Pond, has been hacked.


Her account, which is followed by close to a quarter of a million people, appeared to be under the control of a hacker for around 4 hours and tweets appeared in her timeline promoting a way to lose weight – “The fastest way to lose body-fat in 2 weeks” – together with a link promoting an Acai berry miracle diet which is something many may consider to be of dubious value.

Visiting the link, which has now been removed from her timeline, would take you to a website that looks like a news site in order to convince visitors that the diet is reputable.

Even though Karen Gillan didn’t seem to know what to do after being hacked – see image below – she did in fact take the correct course of action, namely changing her password.


Of course she isn’t the only companion of The Doctor to be targeted in such a way – back in March of last year her replacement, Jenna Louise-Coleman, was subject of a clickjacking scam on social sites which led to adult content.

photo: MangakaMaiden Photography

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