Every Device That You Own Is A Suspect

In the UK the court system automatically decides that you are innocent until you are proven guilty. Or so they say. And I am sure that it is the same in many other court systems around the world. When it comes to your electronic devices you do not have the same luxury of trust. You cannot afford to trust your devices before they are hacked. You must be of the mindset that every device that is able to be connected to a network is able to be compromised. And even some of the devices that you own which are not connected to a network can have exploitation risks as well.

suspect every device

When most people think of being hacked they only think about the computer. They know that you have to put antivirus software on the machine. And they know that you have to have some sort of firewall running on top of that. But that is where their line of protection ends. They do not think about the other devices that they use everyday which can become infected as well. This is a real problem.

First of all, your phone is no longer just a phone anymore. Most people these days are getting what is known as a smart phone and they are just like mini computers in your pocket. So you must think about protecting them just as much as you think about protecting your computer. In most cases your phone has the same capabilities as your computer. So it is able to suffer the same type of attacks. And it is even able to suffer attacks that your computer does not have to worry about.

But also your tablet needs to be protected as well. Just like your phone, your tablet is like a mini computer and it is something that can infected as well. For some reason people do not look at their tablet in that way and they think that it is immune from becoming infected. That is far from the case.

Your USB key rings and mini digital music players are also devices that you have to worry about. They can become infected as well and it is something that you really need to worry about.

The more the world becomes digitally connected, the more you are going to have to worry about security. And that is not going to change anytime soon.

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