Evenin’ All, Conficker ‘Ere

Do you remember last year?

Assuming you didn’t kill your memory with too much booze at Christmas you will likely recall that the big talking point in security circles was the Conficker worm.

Many people thought the worm was going to do something extreme in April but that deadline passed without too much incident.

Later in the year Conficker became associated with scareware and took infected machines into a botnet.

Even so, despite being the biggest security issue of 2009, it has still managed to fade in most peoples’ memories.

It hasn’t gone away yet though!

Thanks to Mourad Ben Lakhoua I came across a news story today, via Twitter, which explains how Conficker has caused chaos for Greater Manchester Police.

If you read the above story it should act as a timely reminder both that the worm is still active, as well as the fact that you really need to think before using USB or other unauthorised data sticks.

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